Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today... a day in the life!

Today is a special day for a handful of reasons...

Today is my 8 year work anniversary... not a lifetime, but meeting my previous record
Today is also my DSs last day of high school
Today is also my DDs last day of freshman year
Today is also DSs GFs birthday
Today is a great day to celebrate being alive AND
Today is a great day to donate to Operation Quiet Comfort.

As you know, OQC holds a special place in my heart, because they are a grassroots non-profit, who lets each person help in whatever creative way they can, they don't just ask for monetary donations... but now they are faced with the harsh reality of the current economic times and might virtually close without monetary donations.

You can contribute without spending a dime, here's how:
Login to
Enter Operation Quiet Comfort in the charity box and press verify
Then proceed to search for whatever stuff you usually search for in the course of a day in your life
Each search generates income for OQC

IF you have the ability to donate any funds to OQC - you can click on the OQC button on either of my blogs or go directly to and click on donate, either thru google or paypal (but there is a fee that paypal charges).

Thanks in advance for your loving support of me and OQC.

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