Tuesday, November 11, 2014

18 Days In

So here I am... 18 days into my new "taking care of me plan"... and how is it going???

I think great! I have drastically cut my sugar intake. The only sweets I have consumed in the last 18 days has been a little fake sugar, some wine, fruit and some fruit juice. I have totally rediscovered grapefruit and it's cheaper and easier to just drink the 50 calorie version, but I have eaten a few whole grapefruits also.

I've been back at the gym for the whole time also... the first week, I went MTWThS, and the second week I went MTWThF :) so improvement!!!

I've been eating veggies and trying to eat less carbs, and that plan always works for me, but I'm not avoiding them totally, just eating less... trying to eat only one helping, but if I go back for more it's protein and/or veggies.

I've lost a firm 7 pounds, but my daily weight changes... by about 3 pounds, which makes me crazy!

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