Monday, November 3, 2014

Wellness check

So much for getting here more often...

My employer is under new management and the new company has a new wellness program... whee! The wellness program for the old company was weak to say the least and the role I was asked to play was difficult, so I'm down with the new plan... anyway, Saturday, October 25th I went to get my blood work done, and before I got out of bed on Sunday, I had the results available online. Wow, that is crazy fast.

It was a lot of good numbers, but some important numbers that aren't so good. They have determined, that I have metabolic syndrome. *insert huge groan here* What is metabolic syndrome? From what I've determined online, it is a group of results/symptoms that now have a name. I guess for a while it was called syndrome x.

I was told I might be pre-diabetic a few years ago, but I didn't take action soon enough. I did have gestational diabetes when I was pregnant the 3rd time (out of 5) but had hoped to avoid a diabetes diagnosis for the rest of my life.

Anyway, time to get my butt into gear and get gazelle intense about taking care of ME. No one can do it for me and time is a wasting!

Here are my stats as of 10/25/14
Glucose, serum: 117 (normal is 65-99) I had been just over 100 in a couple previous tests
LDL Cholesterol Calc: 125 (normal is 0-99)
Hemoglobin A1c: 6.2 (normal is 4.8-5.6) [Diabetes is diagnosed at 6.4]
Taking Bystolic (5mg/day) for high blood pressure
Weight: 236
Height: 5'10"

So I hit the ground running on Sunday and did some research and started my plan. I'm using a SparkPeople app to track my food, exercise, and weight.

Today my weight was 228.0 :) [that's 8 pounds in a week] and I feel SO much more healthy and in control. I have been at the gym 6 days of the last 9 and haven't eaten a single piece of Halloween candy. I had been getting VERY lazy and hadn't worked out since mid-September, that just can't happen anymore... I need to keep moving, so I can keep moving! I have cut my sugar intake to almost none.

I ate a couple grapefruits, supposed to help with blood sugar and metabolism and I have also taken 5mg of Melatonin before bed, which is also said to help with metabolism.

I decided to start back blogging to add another layer of accountability to my toolbox and to help encourage anyone out there, who actually reads my blog, and keep track of what works for me.

I used to drink coffee, I don't think I've really given it up, but I need sugar or something super sweet in my coffee... and since sugar isn't an option, I've switched to green tea. I found a new sweetener, to me, and it is very sweet, so one packet goes far. It's Pure Via Stevia. I know it's processed and not a good as nothing, and maybe someday I can drink unsweet tea, but that day isn't here yet.

I have a power breakfast... non-fat greek yogurt, triple berry mix from Costco (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries), quinoa, chia seeds, peanut butter, a touch molasses (for iron and sweetness), a little PureVia, and a little Vit C powder. I make a weeks' worth at time and it has been a great time saver!

Lunch is usually leftovers from a recent dinner or a salad of some sort, even plain spinach works for me for a salad, I love the apple cider vinegar dressing from Burger King, but it isn't available anywhere else and I do think, now that I'm sugar conscious, that it is probably NOT the best choice for me!

Dinner is usually prepared by my husband, since he is currently off on disability and it is always a protein, carb and veggie. I just have to watch my portions and otherwise enjoy the privilege of someone else cooking!

That's about it for now...

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