Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More progress

One step at a time :)

Today I got on the scale and saw 226.8 - nice... that's 10 pounds GONE since 10/26! I can do this!

Worked out the last two mornings... elliptical (20 minutes) both days... weights yesterday (adductors, abductors, crunch, chest press and quads) and bike today (5 minutes).

Tracking ALL calories consumed, feel like I'm eating too much, but so far I really haven't. It's tough with leftovers because they seem to never end and it is difficult to waste food, especially when it was cooked just for me :)

Got a new 75cm exercise ball also... I really need to use it! Maybe tonight I will sit on it for a bit and try to remember how to use it!

Wonder what my weight will be when I go to the parents for Thanksgiving?!?!? That's three weeks away, so if I slow to 2 pounds per week... I'll be 6 pounds smaller... so that will be 220# yeouch, that still seems like such a BIG number.

My goal on SparkPeople is 173 - which puts me in the "normal" BMI category... the lowest weight I can remember with a date is 190 and that was achieved in 2000 before my breast reduction (in 2001) and I remember it was tough to get there. I can't even imagine how my body will look and feel at 190, 180 or 173! LOL but I think I'll be able to tell you in a few months!

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