Friday, November 14, 2014

And so it goes...

... in order to grow things a little rain must fall.

YES... we got rain, literally :) but also I am experiencing the ebb and flow of life. I was on a good high from my new "taking care of myself" plan... but of course, as life goes, I have hit a snag or several... nothing big, just a little financial hit here and there and I haven't seen any weight fall off this week YET, insert grumble here!

Anyway... I'm trying not to get stuck in the muck and keep my chin up, and whatever other phrases come to mind, but it isn't easy... but I will continue to brush it off and keep moving toward my goals and I know I'll get there. Setbacks make us stronger, right?!?!?!

Ahhh, it's ALWAYS something, that's how we know we're still alive! LOL

Looking forward to a nice fall weekend here in sunny California. No rest for the wicked. Up early tomorrow morning for a massage for hubby, ya, I could use one too... but not in the cards. Then we might go out for breakfast, a treat we probably shouldn't indulge in, but one that we likely will. Then some cleaning, laundry, etc. and a dance tomorrow evening - back at the school where we first met. Sunday I'm working in the nursery and that is usually a bright spot to my month - need a baby fix, before we head north to see our new grandbaby, our first, that we haven't "met" yet.

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